Cover art for AccessJak ft. Nikisha Reyes - Never Let You Down

Fidget Music, a multi-genre label supporting rising artists from around the world, is preparing a multiple-mix release slated for Tuesday, 14th August. The height-of-summer release has four catchy interpretations of AccessJak’s infectious debut number.


PRESS RELEASE - 9th July 2018


Fidget Music To Release AccessJak - Never Let You Down ft. Nikisha Reyes for Summer

AccessJak is a fresh, new project for an artist who’s spent many years in the music industry with a history of successful releases across multiple dance music genres.

An inspired, individual DnB / Soca-influenced fusion, Never Let You Down features the passionate but ethereal vocals of Nikisha Reyes. Nikisha is currently touring with SoulIISoul, recently had success with her live EP New Start but is probably best known for the vocal on “So Cold” from TV’s “The Good Wife”.

For the remixes on this EP Fidget Music has called on it proven powerhouse remixers and launches the career of a gifted new production team.

Fidget stalwart Richard Harrington emphasises a key vocal hook in his booming, big-room mix with classic-house piano elements. Mau Kilauea is an artist whose unique take on tropical house is as catchy as it is recognisable. He combines this with the original's bridled intensity to create a serene but enthusiastic beach holiday hit. Finally, there’s a chocolate-smooth liquid DnB take, a inaugural remix project from Coventry-based Free Points.

Fidget Music and the artists in this release can be found online at the following places:

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