It's always good to see it in the print! The latest Music Week paper includes the peak chart position for our latest release on Fidget Music. Ste Essence -
My One Temptation featuring the vocals of Sheena McHugh apexed in the top 5 in the UK Upfront Club Charts with a final position of #4 (Week 23).

Time for some thank yous:
Ste & Sheena, for creating such an awesome masterpiece. All the producers on the remix package: James Nardi, Barry Diston, Brandon Reeve and Kelvin Wood.
A huge shout out to all the people who have been supporting our releases from day one: Darren Deluca, Dave Jay, Rob Pagget, Power Radio Spain, Jack Richards, Alan Michaels, Steve Thrower, Danny Henry, All the DJs at the awesome @Gaydio, Craig Lee, Phil Marriot, Steven Randle for the cracking artwork and the Fidget Music and Fidget Studios team including Charlie Diston, Barry Diston, Paul Taylor and Sharon Taylor.
And, of course, everyone else who's supported us and our artists. Big Upz you wonderful, beautiful people!
Click the link below to see the full top 40 listing image.