With the upcoming release of Ste Essence - My One Temptation ft Sheena McHugh on 16th May.

Today, we caught up with Ste Essence ahead of his next release on Fidget Music. "My One Temptation, ft Sheena McHugh"

 First of all, congratulations on the track. How does that feel? You must be excited.

Thanks alot, yeah it feel great. Im really excited. Its the 1st time Ive worked with Sheena, she's got an amazing voice and i love working with her. She's so talented so we've been working together on some other projects as well which im sure everyone will hear about very soon ;-)

Tell us a bit about you ?

What do you wanna know? Im sure you all know plenty about me already lol

What other projects you have going on at the moment?

Like i mentioned Ive got some other projects with Sheena. I can see us working together a lot more because we get on so well and im being asked by a few labels to produce stuff for them but im not giving anything away just yet until they've accepted the tracks. Ive also been asked to join the remix packages on a few things which will be coming out over the summer so plenty happening behind the scenes.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

Thats a strange question.....erm Id probably say a dog and specifically my dogs. They live like royalty. They get well looked after so yeah id love to be my dog lol

What was the last thing your watched on TV and why did you watch it?

Game of Thrones, Im still catching up so im only on season 5. Its alright, not as good as Breaking Bad though

Favorite track of the moment for you past or present?

That's tough, There's some really good producers about so its hard to pick one track. Im loving the stuff from Anton Powers, Slim Tim, Jack Wins, Tommy MC, Rich James, Scott Forshaw, Kenny Hectyc, Tom Ferry at the mo. They all produce a smilar style of stuff to me so yeah loving their tunes and they consistency is always there with every release so yeah big respect to those guys

Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

Big respect to all my fellow producers, Massive shout out to all the DJs, radio stations & youtube channels playing my tunes, huge thanks to the fans for the constant support and big shout to the fidget team. I love you all!