Rebecca Burgin

rebecca burgin

Rebecca Burgin, is a Sydney, Australia, based singer-songwriter, lyricist and
It's safe to say that Rebecca is paving the way in her music career with some strong performances. She has been professionally singing for over 20 years and was inspired by music from a young age.
Rebecca not only sings but is also a talented writer, she has penned some classic soulful house music with highly emotive vocals, hooks and melodies. She is extremely passionate about her craft, with a fire, determination, and drive that is unmistakable. It is this work ethic that has led to her featuring and collaborating extensively in the last few years, increasing her portfolio, and showcasing her talents. This was picked up by Lady J's Artists and the proposition of working with Eddie Amador was put on the table, although this, posed some significant logistical challenges. It’s here where Rebecca did not let anything stand in her way and pulled out the stops to commute halfway around the world from Sydney Australia to link up with Eddie Amador in L.A in the USA. It's in L.A where Rebecca's lyric and vocal performance met Eddie's production to give rise to the work 'Fly Away Lover' released on Fidget Music Label.

From humble beginnings, Rebecca has climbed the ladder, and got her first major break which came in the form of a 12” white label vinyl release back in 2001. ‘Everybody Get on your Feet.ʼ Produced by Richard Earnshaw, The track was played by MOS resident DJ Jeremy B in Pacha and Space, IBIZA, which ultimately led to her first record deal. This inspired Rebecca to keep moving forward, trusting her natural talent and her ‘musical family’, to keep growing and evolving.
In 2004 Rebeccaʼs duo, Bubkiss won best R&B at the Newcastle Music Awards.
In 2005 Bubkiss had their track ‘Love Lift Me Upʼ featured number 3 on the official Miami Winter Music Conference compilation CD.

Rebecca has signed tracks to multiple labels over the years and collaborated with the likes of Stanny Abram, Rob Hayes, Frankstar, Jorge Araujo, Eric Faria, Jorge Faria, Daniele Baldi, Mack Bango and Peppe Santangelo, and of course most notably Eddie Amador.
Rebecca has recently performed at Australiaʼs first Glitterbox at Home night Club in Sydney, as well as Azura Beach in Dubai. She is currently spending the summer in IBIZA promoting her work.

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