John Spencer

john spencer

John Spencer Percussionist (Aka Jon E Bongo, Aka Bongo Jon) is a bit of a legend in his own right, having gigged at Knebworth, Ministry of Sound Stage, and London Print Works. John also performed at Brighton pride where he played alongside the formidable Angie Brown and Rozalla. John has also gigged alongside Ultra Nate, Alison Limerick, Brandon Block, Norman Jay MBE, Robert Owens, as well as Joey Negro, and Jocelyn Brown
We caught up with John and asked him to share a bit of his story so here it is in his own words.
"I grew up been inspired by my father a respected Bass Player who also started out playing drums in his younger days, so I owe this to him, he was my inspiration.

I didn’t start playing properly until my 20’s as I was to busy with sport to find time to play the drums but the passion was always there, (always tapping on the table listening to the top 40 driving my sister mad, tap tap tap ! sorry Helen ). I knew one day it would be time to pursue this passion for drumming.
My first kit was a 6 piece Yamaha Custom kit finished in white pearl, it wasn’t long before I traded this kit in for a 1960's Ludwig 4 piece in champagne sparkle, I loved this kit ( like the Beatles kit, Ringo Star ) it sounded so good but I felt that something was missing.
Around 2000 I remember walking into a Club and hearing House Music accompanied by Live Percussion, it was at that moment I knew exactly what I was missing !!!!

I Loved, the sound of the Balearic Islands mixed with the live sounds of the percussion, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Blocks, Cowbells, Chimes, Cymbals, Shakers, these distinct sounds were what I was really passionate about playing.
So I sold my 60’s Ludwig kit and bought my first percussion set up.
My big break, was when I got the opportunity to play Percussion for Angie Brown I knew there and then I had to work with her again, as she was such a professional performer. I now have the great privilege to tour with her to most of her shows and gigs. Angie was instrumental in introducing me to other artists, to work with such as Rozalla, Kenny Thomas, CoCo Star, Livin Joy, Katherine Ellis, Kelly Llorenna, and Urban Cookie Collective, It's a great honour to tour with Angie I really do owe a lot to her.

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