What can Fidget Do For You ?

Over the years we have honed our processes and productions to be able to compete with big labels, and big budget projects, whilst operating on a very modest budget in comparison. It is this expertise that we can use to help promote talent and give them a platform from which to grow and expand and to reach new heights in their current career, or to kick-start a new one.

The Fidget Music seven step success process



Fidget offers a very personal experience of sharing the journey, and making sure that the artists are involved at all key stages of the process, and to formulate a plan that will assist you in reaching your goals, as well as highlighting opportunities that you may not have considered at this point in your career. This is in contrast to some other labels who can become dictator as their motivations are usually financially orientated and thus the artist is often a means to an end, rather than a real contributor to marketing, publicity, exposure and collaborative decision making for the betterment of the artist’s career. Usually, the label will also aim to protect their investment by locking the artists into an exclusivity binding contract, we provide much more flexible arrangements to make sure you can move freely if required


We have our own professional team of producers and engineers, and a state of the art production environment. Where we can create or engineer music to an extremely high standard which competes with any of the major labels and in many cases exceeds this. Our team is also very personable and friendly and will assist you in realising your vision for your music. You can be assured that your music will be mixed, mastered and engineered for success.


Fidget have a wealth of experience in delivering quality music, and have forged strong relationships with third party services that can gain an independent chart position assessment based on current trends and market, including trend based cross genre remix assessment to ensure that the biggest impact can be made with the track both in terms of revenue and chart positions. Fidget can then follow through on this advice and produce the additional mixes to support your main release, all done through talented producers, who are successful in their own right and have followings of their own in many cases. The most recent release featured at the exact position prediction of a Top 5 in the Official UK Upfront Dance Music Charts.


Fidget have International Radio distribution channels and access to a global community of DJ’s and influential contributors which will ensure global exposure. With our additional services offerings, this can be expanded to focus on Video Campaigns, Radio 1 campaigns, as well as Summer festivals and events such as IBIZA parties so your music can be heard directly at the forefront of where its all happening. Rest assured you music will be played in big venues up and down the country and in many cases internationally as well.


A key aspect of any release campaign is distribution, and Publishing. Fidget have distribution channels to all the key streaming sites and DJ download sites, including Apple music, Google Play, Spotify, Beatport, Traxsource, and countless others.
Tracks will also feature on Amazon music, and Alexa and also on YouTube. The service can also track sales, downloads, and streams. We also have options to collect Performance royalties for any Radio, or public exposure to track your music on the airwaves so you can get royalties for its use.


Of course the next logical step in any artist journey is performing, and we leave no stone unturned here, as we have partnered with Lady J Artists management to ensure that our artist can get the best gigs for live P.A of their tracks. Since this collaboration we now also have access to a significant and high profile talent pool of vocalists, DJ’s producers, Percussionists, dancers and even artists and designers which can all be leveraged to push things to the next level. (see the accompanying info for more details)


An important piece of the puzzle is making sure that any investment you make in your career is properly managed, and due diligence is used. This means that all the necessary contracts, collaboration agreements, and registration of your music with the performing rights organisations is managed. So often this is where artists run into trouble trying to navigate this aspect of the industry. There may also be copyright clearance challenges, which often come back to bite, if not handled correctly. We can cover all this on your behalf, so you can get on with creating music. We can provide you reports and financial statements, legal documents, sales and streaming statistics, as well as Radio play and royalty information. We can even give you access to a personal portal for total transparency so you can track your progress and gain insights as they unfold.


The final piece of the puzzle and what we consider the most important, is that we are passionate about music, and the whole premise of Fidget music is about getting music out there to be heard shared and played. Passion is the driving force that will make this happen, the glue as you were to gel the whole project together. You can be assured that we will be having as much fun as you are, in sharing the journey and your successes, as your success is also our success.
The simple equation we like to make is this

You + Us = Possibilities
We look forward to the prospect of working with you and to your success

The Fidget Team

Welcome to the party

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